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5 Lucky Foods to Serve on New Year


Welcoming the new year also means feasting on different dishes. Revelers from all over the world also have beliefs about particular foods bringing in good luck for the new year. Here are five of the dishes people believe to be lucky:

Long Noodles

China, Japan and other Asian countries practices eating long noodles on New Year’s Day for longevity. Because the noodles should never be shortened or broken during the cooking process, it is typically prepared in a stir-fry.


There are countries like Spain, Cuba, Portugal, Hungary and Austria that serves pork on New Year’s Day. For them the pig symbolizes progress. This is so because it is said that the animal does not move backwards but some believe that it is because of their eating habits of pushing their snouts forward when rooting for food. They also think that cookies shaped like pigs are lucky.

Round Fruits

The number of fruits prepared for the new year differs though in the Philippines it is the custom to prepare for 13 fruits to be lucky. In the US and Europe, at least 12 fruits are needed to represent the months of the year. In both of these cases, the shape should be round and these should be sweet.

Whole Fish

For the Chinese, the word fish sounds like abundance which is the reason why fish has become a go-to good luck food.


People from the coastal American South to Europe eat greens on New Year’s Day because of the color and appearance that resembles paper cash. It is believed that the more you eat greens, the more prosperous (and healthier) you will be.

There are many other foods which are considered lucky by many people in different parts of the world. What do you serve for good luck in the New Year?


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